Riverside Youth Races

children-cycling The Riverside Youth Races are a part of the Festival Foods La Crosse Fitness Festival. They are a series of running events for kids, which will be held on the 5th of May, 2012 in Riverside Park. They are a total of eight races with 3 different distances that depend on the age of each entrant. The events are open to both girls and boys who are up to 6th grade. The participation is free, but every child has to be registered for the event. Every participant will get a medal and a t-shirt.


These races will start at Saturday Noon in Riverside Park.


To make sure that we have the appropriate number of t-shirts in every size, we prefer for you to register in advance. However, you will be able to do so at Riverside Park up to one hour before the first race.


100 Yards – Kids up to Kindergarten; 100 Yards – 1st - 2nd Grade; 100 Yards – 3rd - 4th Grade; 400 Yards – 1st - 2nd Grade; 400 Yards – 3rd - 4th Grade; 400 Yards – 5th - 6th Grade; 800 Yards – 3rd - 4th Grade; 800 Yards – 5th - 6th Grade

Note that girls and boys might compete in the same race. If a kid that meets the grade restrictions can participate in more than one race but will get only one t-shirt.

Mascot Race

The kickoff of the Youth Races will begin with the mascots of the local organizations and merchants competing against each other in a 100-yard dash. This certainly is not the Miller Park’s Sausage Race, but it will still be a fun event. If your school, business, or organization has a mascot that wants to participate contact us.


Every child will get a t-shirt and a medal.