Corporate Team Challenge

What is this challenge?

corporate challenge This challenge is a friendly competition for the organizations and businesses in the area to demonstrate their employees’ commitment to their community and fitness. This challenge offers businesses with the possibility to teach their employees the key aspects of a healthy lifestyle as well as gives them tips to improve and maintain their wellness and fitness. The local businesses are going to create a team and compete to see who will achieve the highest employee participation rate in the Festival events. They will also earn bragging rights to state that they are the healthiest business in the town. The range of events which are included in the Corporate Team Challenge are the half marathon, marathon, 5K run and walk, marathon relay, cycling criterium, cycling time trial and bike tour.

It does not matter if your business is a profit or non-profit one, and it also does not matter if the employees are part-time or full-time. Everyone is welcome to participate! Your business will be placed into one of the following categories depending on its size.

  • Small – less than 25 employees
  • Medium – between 25 and 99 employees
  • Large – between 100 and 499 employees
  • X-Large – over 500 employees

What will I get in return for participating?

Team-building increased goodwill for your company, healthy lifestyle choices as well as some good old competition. There are studies which have shown the benefits of workplace wellness programs for the employers as well as their employees. These include reduced absenteeism, higher morale, lower health care costs and increased productivity. So, why don’t you get your workplace recognized for its levels of fitness and health? There is no need to mention that there will be prizes.

What are the awards from the Corporate Team Challenge?

These are based on the % of participation in the Festival events by the employees in your company. The exception is the XL category businesses. The team with the highest percentage of the involvement in each of the size categories will receive a commemorative personalized 1st place plaque. The team with the largest raw numbers of participation in the XL category will receive the plaque. From this year we will also give prizes to the winning team of the team t-shirt contest as well as the team spirit award.

What should I do if I am the team captain?

This role is designated by each of the participating teams. The person serves as the point individual between the organization and the Festival. He has to take care of the coordinating details, questions and registration to help make the challenge run smoothly for the company.

What should I do if I registered for an event before my company created a team?

You should notify the team captain that you have already registered and inform him in the event you chose so that they can add you to the roster. The Festival will send emails to the Team Captains from time to time to confirm the list. This is when you will be officially added to the team.

The Festival Foods La Crosse Fitness Festival would like to thank every participant in the Corporate Team Challenge 2011!