Cycling Time Trial

Time TrialTest your endurance with the Cycling Time Trial on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Put your best time in on a 2.37 mile climb up the winding side of Grandads Bluff in La Crosse. The third annual Cycling Time Trial offers awards for beginners, citizens, pros, USA cycling category riders, and best costume. The course record was done in a blistering 8:20 minutes and is held by former Master National Champion Time Trial, Ian Stanford.


The first rider will begin at 5:30pm, followed by hundreds of others in 30-second intervals.

The Course

The 2.37 mile course begins on Main Street on the east side of the train tracks and ends at the very top of Grandad Bluff with over 600 feet of elevation change. Watch the video below for a virtual tour of the course.