Interested in preparing for one of the races during the Festival Foods La Crosse Fitness Festival?

Leading up to the event this section will provide resources to assist you in training and preparation. These resources will include general training information as well as sessions concerning footwear, dietary needs, proper rest, and appropriate recovery. Links to training programs as well as articles, websites, and area running groups will also be provided. So stay tuned and welcome to the Festival Foods La Crosse Fitness Festival!

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Please note: The information contained on these pages has been designed for individuals who are considering running in an organized race for the first time, or entering a half marathon or a full marathon for the first time. As explained below, it does not contain day-by-day training schedules; links to websites containing such schedules are cited in the text. Finally, because the a major goal of the FFLFF is to foster participation and increase fitness levels for La Crosse area residents, these pages frequently refer to the specifics of running and training in the Coulee Region, although much of what appears would easily apply to many other regions and smaller cities in the Upper Midwest.

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